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June 2016

There is still room in my Saint Louis workshops!


This will be my last newsletter for quite some time, as I'm entering a very busy period of summer workshops. Hopefully some of it will be of use to you plan for next year.

If you're looking for a summer professional development opportunity, you might check out my Saint Louis workshops.

In any case, enjoy your break!


Blog Posts

Here are links to posts on my Math Education Blog that you might find interesting.
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The Assessment Trap

In this eight-part series, I analyze the legitimate uses of assessment, its problematic uses, the meaning of grades, and the perils of so-called "backward design". A guest post by Sarah Clowes surveys some of the research on grades. Based on all this, I recommend de-emphasizing grades, and propose some tools and strategies to get the most out of assessment, while minimizing its often negative impact on curriculum and pedagogy. Finally, I propose a forward design strategy. Start here.

In Defense of Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is a favorite target of American anti-intellectualism. It is often used as evidence that learning math beyond the basics is pointless, as Algebra 2 is often about mindless manipulation of symbols and ineffective memorization of techniques — all of it divorced from meaning, and only relevant to future mathematicians. Unfortunately, the traditional course and the version favored by (e.g.) New York State, includes a random assortment of too many topics, taught too fast, which can end up supporting those arguments. In this post, I argue that Algebra 2 can be a great course, and propose an approach to make that happen.

NCTM Is Its Members

I've been a member of the National Council of Teachers of Math for decades. During that time, I have been a speaker at more than 80 conferences of NCTM and its affiliates. I have written and reviewed articles for The Mathematics Teacher. I edited the "Student Activities" department in that journal for a couple of years. I was excited and impressed that in his recent message “NCTM Is Its Members”, Matt Larson, the new President of the Council asked for suggestions. I took him at his word. I wrote to encourage him to get rid of the wall between the NCTM journals and the Web, and to launch a nationwide conversation on the strengths and weaknesses of the Common Core. Read my letter here.

New or new-ish on my Web site.



A new launch page about fractions, with links to:

Shrinky Dinks

An excellent Shrinky Dinks activity about scaling, by Rachel Chou, a teacher and department chair at Menlo School in Atherton, CA. I link to it in my Geometry Labs page, as it is very compatible with the book both in its subject matter (Section 10) and in its hands-on approach.

Algebra and Precalculus

In preparation for my summer workshops (see below), I made some improvements to three activities:

Saint Louis Workshops

My Oakland workshops are sold out, but there is still room for you in these two workshops at the Principia School in Saint Louis, MO:
July 25-27: Visual Algebra (grades 6-9)
July 28-29: No Limits! (Algebra 2 / Precalculus)

Registration and logistics

There is more information about the content of the workshops on my Summer Workshops page.

If you have a question that is not answered there, just ask in a reply to this e-mail.

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