A two-player strategy game by George Mills

Both players play on one computer, or download the PDF and play using physical pieces.
To play on separate computers, see the instructions below.

Pent was invented by George Mills in 1971. It is inspired by Hex, another game where you try to connect non adjacent edges with an unbroken path. The playing board is a stretched out soccer ball (hexagons and pentagons — put another way, it is a Schlegel diagram of a truncated icosahedron).

One of the key strategy points is that you don't need to play all eight of your pieces before you start moving them to adjacent cells. You can hold some in reserve.

Here are two completed games. Orange won the first, and Blue won the second:

three-piece win eight-piece win

(The orange pieces are darker, the blue pieces lighter.)

To play over the Internet with someone on a different computer, use these Google Slides. You'll need to make a copy first, and share it with your friend. (Click on the blue button on the top right to set up sharing.)

You'll be able to play eight games in that document, or more if you use the "Duplicate Slide" feature (in the "Slide" menu).

If you do not want a record of the games, you can play over and over in the same slide.