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This page lists selected publications in math education.
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A manipulatives-based algebra program, to be used as part of, or in preparation for any algebra course: the Lab Gear. The following items are available from Didax:
Algebra Lab Gear: Basic Algebra
Algebra Lab Gear: Algebra 1
Classroom Set
Student Pair Set
10 Corner Pieces
On this site:
Information about the Lab Gear (many links!)
- Errata in the Algebra Lab Gear books
The Algebra Lab: High School (1990 book)
- Available free for your non-commercial use.
Math lessons through geometric puzzles, grades 4 through 10:
Working with Pentominoes a book of activities, accompanied by an eBook which can be projected and includes manipulable pentominoes.
On this site:
Geometric Puzzles home page

Free on this site





An algebra textbook and accompanying materials
by Anita Wah and Henri Picciotto:
Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts (ATTC, 1994)
ATTC on line, in color and searchable
ATTC Teachers' Edition
ATTC Teacher Resources
More info and sample lessons
See also:
More on algebra
A manipulatives-based geometry program, to be used as part of or in preparation for any geometry course:
Geometry Labs (1999)
See below for some of the associated manipulatives.
See also:
More on geometry
A book of puzzles and activities on grid paper:
Polyomino Lessons (1986)
See also:
Geometric Puzzles in the Classroom
Three books of pentomino puzzles:
Pentomino Puzzle Books
See also:
Geometric Puzzles home page

All these books are free downloads for your non-commercial use.
See below for the SuperTangram books.


CircleTrigGB_lrg template

These are companion manipulatives to Geometry Labs.

Geometry Labs Template
Eight different triangles, ten different quadrilaterals, seven different regular polygons, all the pattern blocks. Perfect for exploring tessellations. Centimeter and inch rulers, unmarked protractor. Can be put in a 3-ring binder. See it as a PDF.
CircleTrig Geoboard
On one side, an 11 by 11 geoboard. On the other, a circle geoboard, with radius 10 cm, and a 360° protractor.
On this site:
The 10-cm Circle
Geoboard activities

Zometool, Inc.
(888) 966-3386

Zome Geometry

A book of hands-on lessons using models in the Zome System,
by George W. Hart and Henri Picciotto:
Zome Geometry (2000)
On the Web: see George's site.

Available from Henri Picciotto
Send me e-mail .

supertangram hexagon

I will sell you plastic superTangrams at $4.00 a set, plus shipping / handling. (Discount available for large orders.)

On this site:
My superTangram books can be downloaded here,
for your non-commercial use.
See also: SuperTangram Labs.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
(800) 235-7566


Articles in The Mathematics Teacher:

"Why I Use Interactive Whiteboards" (The Mathematics Teacher, November 2010.)

"A New Path to the Quadratic Formula" (The Mathematics Teacher, February 2008).
On this site: Parabolas and Quadratics

With Jonathan Choate, "Iterating Linear Functions" (February 1997), an introduction to dynamical systems.

"Make These Designs", an electronic graphing lesson on linear functions (May 1996).

Also: Delving into Functions with Function Diagrams in NCTM's online journal ON-Math (Volume 5, #1, 2006-2007).

On this site: Function Diagrams

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