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Videos by Henri Picciotto

These videos are intended to help teachers familiarize themselves with the Lab Gear.

The books

In addition to watching the videos, you should take a look at the corresponding pages in the books, and work through the recommended professional development (PD) pages as suggested below. The books are Algebra Lab Gear: Basic Algebra (abbreviated to BA below), and Algebra Lab Gear: Algebra 1 (A1 below.)

In addition to worksheets you can photocopy, the books include answers, teacher notes, detailed lesson plans, and Common Core correlations. The books (and the blocks) are available from Didax.

In the classroom

I do not recommend using the videos with your students. Instead, after the students have had a chance to work with the blocks on a given topic, you can use the slides with your own narration as part of a classroom discussion. This will allow you to stop for questions, and to backtrack if needed. There is a link to a silent version of the slides on the corresponding video page.