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My Publicationsbooks

Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts ATTC, with Anita Wah
About ATTC, and sample lessons
ATTC on line, in color and searchable
Teacher's Edition
Additional Notes
Teacher Resources
Lab Gear
Algebra Lab Gear: Basic Algebra
Algebra Lab Gear: Algebra 1
Algebra Lab: High School
Geometry Labs
Mathematics Overview (a course outline of secondary school highlights)
Zome Geometry: Zometool, Inc. | George Hart
Polyomino Lessons
Pentomino Books
Working with Pentominoes
SuperTangram books
Topics in finite projective geometry (my MA thesis, UC Berkeley 1971)
Transformational Proof in High School Geometry with Lew Douglas
My job from 1981 to 2013:
Teacher, chair, The Urban School of San Francisco Math Department
From 2007 to 2012:
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching

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