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Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts (ATTC, with Anita Wah)
About ATTC, and sample lessons
ATTC on line, in color and searchable
Teacher's Edition
Additional Notes
Teacher Resources
Lab Gear
Algebra Lab Gear: Basic Algebra
Algebra Lab Gear: Algebra 1
Algebra Lab: High School
Geometry Labs
Mathematics Overview (a course outline of secondary school highlights)
Zome Geometry: Zometool, Inc. | George Hart
Polyomino Lessons
SuperTangram books
Topics in finite projective geometry (my MA thesis, UC Berkeley 1971)
Working with Pentominoes
My job from 1981 to 2013:
Teacher, chair, The Urban School of San Francisco Math Department
From 2007 to 2012:
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching

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