Geometric Puzzles


Henri Picciotto

My first projects as a curriculum developer came out of my interest in recreational math, especially geometric puzzles. This turned out to have a big impact, directly or indirectly, on almost all subsequent writing. Here are some links to the puzzles I created.

Free on this site

Geometric Puzzles in the Classroom is my main article on this topic.

Web pages and PDFs
Pentomino Labs
Three-Pentomino Puzzles
Tiling Rectangles with Pentominoes
Simultaneous Pentomino Rectangles
One-inch graph paper (useful for pentomino puzzles)
Supertangram Labs
Tearing tangrams
Map Coloring
Geometric puzzle books
Polyomino Lessons
Supertangram books
Geometry Labs is not exactly a puzzle book, but it includes many puzzles.

Not free

Supertangrams ($4/set, plus shipping and handling — e-mail me)


Pentomino Activities, Lessons and Puzzles a classic from the 1980's, (going out of print, but possibly still available from, item # 0884883744)

Working with Pentominoes (from — book and ebook which can be projected and includes onscreen manipulable pentominoes.

Geometry Labs Drawing Template (from Useful for rep-tile explorations (and more).

Zome Geometry (from Zometool), which I co-authored with George Hart, is not exactly a puzzle book, but it includes many puzzles.