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Henri Picciotto

In recreational math, superTangrams are called tetratans or tetraboloes. They are an example of polyforms. For context and background, see Geometric Puzzles in the Classroom.

On this page: five books of supertangram puzzles (free downloads).

I sell plastic supertangrams. If you order eight or more sets, you get a free hard copy of SuperTangram for Beginners, Book 2. (More info.)

Each book includes teachers' notes and a checklist in the front, as well as sample solutions in the back. The puzzles are organized in sets, and sequenced from easiest to hardest within each set.

One way to organize this in the classroom is to put each puzzle set in its own folder, and to give each student a copy of the checklist, so that they can keep track of their work.

Important: When printing and photocopying the puzzles, make a test copy to make sure that the figures are the right size, so that the supertangrams fit snuggly in the solved puzzle. This may require a small adjustment of the scale factor in the printing dialog.


SuperTangrams for Beginners

stb-1-cover stb-2-cover
Download Book 1 . . . . . Download Book 2

Book 1 (grades K-5)

This book is intended for young children. The puzzles tell you which pieces to use, or are made easy some other way. Some of the puzzles represent silhouettes in the style of classic tangram puzzles.

Book 2 (grades 4-adult)

In this book, the underlying square grid is visible, which makes the puzzles much easier, and helps to prepare the solver to tackle the puzzles in the next three books.

If you order eight or more supertangram sets, you get a free hard copy of this book. (More info.) Or you can order a copy of the book for $5 including shipping and handling. (For ordering information, email me.)


Supertangram Activities

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Download Book 1 . . . . . Download Book 2

These are the original supertangram books, intended for grades 4 to adult. Each book consists of four sets of puzzles: scaled supertangrams, and various familiar geometric figures.


Supertangram Puzzles

supertan puzzles cover

This is the latest addition to this collection, once again intended for grades 4 to adult. Some of the puzzles appear, pre-solved, in Supertangram for Beginners, Book 1. Others are convex symmetric figures that did not appear in the previous books. The final set is probably the toughest in any of the five books: convex fourteen-piece figures.