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I'm a math education consultant and curriculum developer, retired from the classroom after 42 years in K-12. In my Math Education Page (this site), I share articles about teaching math, and tons of curricular materials. I created the site mostly for the use of my fellow math teachers, but it appears that it is also visited by graduate students, parents of home-schooled kids, and adults trying to learn the math they didn't learn in school. Welcome to all.

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Finding Things

As the site continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to find things in it. If you know what you are looking for, use the search box above. If you are browsing, you can use one of the three maps of the site:
The annotated map, organized by topic
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The grade level map, a good place to start

You can also use the tiny icons at the top and bottom of most pages to get around:

And here are some specialized directories:
Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts
Electronic Graphing
Functions | Function Diagrams
Geometric Puzzles
Geometry Labs
Integer Sequences
Lab Gear
Middle School
My Books
My Talks
Overview: Grades 7-10
Parabolas and Quadratics
Pattern Blocks
Teachers' Mathematics


If you like what you find, you have my permission to use it for any non-commercial purpose, as long as you adhere to the guidelines described here.

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You can e-mail me by clicking on the links I have at the top and bottom of most pages, including this one. If clicking doesn't work on your system, use <henri (at)>. However be warned that I don't usually help students with their homework -- if that's what you're looking for, get help from a classmate, or from your own teacher.

--Henri Picciotto

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