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Henri Picciotto

After 42 years in the classroom, from counting to calculus, I have retired from teaching in order to concentrate on writing, curriculum development, and consulting.

As a consultant, I offer the following services:
  • Professional development workshops
  • Math program review
  • Teacher and department chair coaching


I can offer professional development workshops for math teachers (half a day to a whole week) on a wide range of middle school and high school topics. For example:
◊ Visual Algebra, including the Lab Gear
◊ Hands-On Geometry
Transformational Geometry
◊ No Limits! (Algebra 2, Trig, Precalculus)
Tool-rich pedagogy (manipulatives, technology)
For many more possibilities, see:
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Program Review

I can help schools review their math program.
◊ Department self-assessment and values clarification
◊ Strategies to reach the full range of students
◊ Teaching math in the long period
◊ Moving towards a student-centered classroom
◊ Teacher collaboration and department-building
Of course, I can only do this based on my own experience and beliefs.
For more information about my views, see:
About Teaching
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I can help teachers improve their practice, and department chairs develop their leadership, through on-site visits and remote support.

For information, rates, and references, e-mail me!

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I also share my ideas with the broader educational community
on this Web site, at conferences, through summer workshops, in a newsletter, and in a blog.