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Henri Picciotto

Pentominoes are the shapes made by joining five unit squares edge-to-edge. They are the subject of many, many puzzles, some of which have substantial curricular value.

Laser cutter file
If you have access to a laser cutter, you can make your own pentominoes. (The file was created by Eben LaPier.) The advantage of laser-cut pentominoes over the commercially available ones is that the pieces are not subdivided into squares. Thus, when you've solved a puzzle, you can see what you did. With the commercially available pentominoes, all you see is in a solved puzzle is its subdivision into squares, which is useless.

Pentomino Activities, Lessons and Puzzles is a classic from the 1980's, (going out of print, but possibly still available from, item # 0884883744).

Working with Pentominoes (from — book and ebook which can be projected and includes onscreen manipulable pentominoes.