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Worksheets with few words

by Henri Picciotto

I created four worksheets of sorts, each one consisting of a title and images of a dozen circles. Each circle is divided pizza-like into slices, as in the example above. You can download them together, or separately: Angles, Fractions, Time, and 100. (The latter, of course, suitable to discuss percents, decimals, and money.)


Some interesting curriculum could be developed using these images. Here is one example, which I'm told was very successful with seventh graders: Angles Lessons. I combined it with lessons from Geometry Labs into a middle school unit on angles (including teacher notes). Note that Geometry Labs 1.3 (Clock Angles) would make a worthwhile extension to this unit.

Some questions that can be explored using these images are in the form "what is `1/5` of 100?", "what is `3/5` of 100?"

Here are some notes on using two worksheets for elementary school lessons on time and money.

If I do more with the worksheets, I'll post it here and announce it on my blog.

If you use the worksheets, send me your creations, and I may post them here! (Crediting you, of course.)

Download the worksheets:
All four

Here's the GeoGebra sliced-circle maker I used. Create your own worksheets, and send me a copy!

Download the GeoGebra file

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