Worksheets with few words

by Henri Picciotto

I created four worksheets of sorts, each one consisting of a title and images of a dozen circles. Each circle is divided pizza-like into slices, as in the example above. The four titles: Angles, Fractions, Time, and 100. (The latter, of course, suitable to discuss percents, decimals, and money.)


Some interesting curriculum could be developed using these images. The sheets can be used one at a time, or probably better for some topics, in pairs. Or as a whole set.

Here is one example, which I'm told was very successful with seventh graders: Angles Lessons.
I combined it with lessons from Geometry Labs into a middle school unit on angles.

Here are some notes on using two worksheets for elementary school lessons on time and money.

If I do more with the worksheets, I'll post it here and announce it on my blog.
If you use them, send me your creations!

Download the worksheets:
All four

Here's the GeoGebra sliced-circle maker I used. Create your own worksheets, and send me a copy!

Download the GeoGebra file

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