Summer Workshops for Educators

I direct the Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT). This summer (2011), we will cosponsor a conference and offer workshops at two locations: the Urban School of San Francisco, and Flint Hill School near Washington DC.
June 20-22: Building an Innovative Curriculum: Strategies for Teachers, Departments, and Schools (conference, cosponsored with the Integrated Curriculum Group.)
June 22-24: Technology Symposium for School Leaders
June 23-24: Become an Expert Interactive Whiteboard User: Practical Teaching Techniques
June 27-28: No Limits in Upper Level Math
June 29-30: Meaningful Group Work in the Math Classroom: Applying the Complex Instruction Framework
August 15-17: Hands-On Geometry
August 15-17: Cutting Edge Tech Resources for Foreign Language Teachers
August 15-17: Digital Tools to Enhance the Teaching of Physical Science
August 16-17: Back to the Future: Building a Natural Chinese Language Acquisition Environment in the Classroom

I will lead two workshops, and contribute to the conference and the symposium on June 20-24. Handouts and SmartBoards from the workshops, plus discounts on some Key Curriculum and Cabri materials will be available to the participants.

For math teachers, I also recommend: the SmartBoard workshop with Meghan Mahoney, an ex-member of my department; and the group work workshop with Laura Evans, a math coach for charter schools in Redwood City who developed her expertise at San Lorenzo High School.

You can find more details on my workshops below. For information on the other workshops and their presenters, and registration information, go to the CIT site.

To arrange a CIT professional development workshop at your school or district, contact me directly.

--Henri Picciotto


No Limits!

with Henri Picciotto

Monday-Tuesday, June 27-28, 2011 (SF)
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


(1 continuing education unit from the University of Southern California's School of Education.)

This two-day workshop is designed for high school mathematics teachers who want to make Algebra 2, Trigonometry and Precalculus more accessible, richer and more fun. I will present a number of units to enrich and deepen the corresponding lessons in any textbook, whether traditional or reform.

A frequent challenge in teaching upper level high school classes is the limited pedagogical range of most textbooks and curricula. This is particularly harmful to the students who find symbol manipulation difficult, but it is also cheating our stronger students of the multi-faceted understanding that would serve them best. To address this, several of the units presented in the workshop involve the intelligent use of electronic tools, hands-on activities with concrete materials, and/or creative alternate representations.

Hands-On Geometry

with Henri Picciotto

Monday-Wednesday, August 15-17 2011 (DC)
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

circle geoboard

(1.5 continuing education unit from the University of Southern California's School of Education.)

In this three-day workshop, I will present many hands-on and electronic tools and activities to preview, review or extend key concepts in geometry, as well as some enrichment lessons. This work is intended to complement - not replace - related work in paper-pencil and compass-straightedge environments.

These lessons were developed in somewhat heterogeneous classes, and reach a wide range of students. They provide support for the less visual by complementing the drawing and studying of figures, and enrichment for the more talented by offering deep and challenging problems.

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