Mathematics Overview

A Course Outline by Henri Picciotto


I was asked to write an outline for a "year 4" course. The idea was to help students who did poorly in their first three years of high school, but still hope to attend a two-year college.

After consulting some two-year-college faculty, I set out to select and sequence what I consider to be highlights of secondary school math. Obviously, since this had to fit into one year, I couldn't cover everything that was suggested, or even everything I would like to cover. Still, I hope that what I created will be useful, not just for the intended audience, but also for people who want to teach this material (or some of it) in other contexts.

The philosophy underlying the course is presented in the introduction. It includes:
- An acknowledgment of the existence of technology
- A tool-rich approach, to reach more students and deepen understanding
- Spiral sequencing, to extend exposure and build in review

The outline consists of 15 units. Each unit is presented as a list of concepts, followed by a list of suggested activities. All the activities suggested are available for free on the Web, and in fact most are on this Web site.

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