Constant Sums, Constant Products

An untraditional approach to traditional topics.

All unattributed lessons are from Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts
by Anita Wah and Henri Picciotto.

Overview of the unit

Part 1: x+y=S, xy=P
Constant Sums
Constant Products
Analyzing Graphs (a connection is made to factoring trinomials)
Edited version of the above three lessons
Four Representations
GeoGebra Applet (and file) by Henri Picciotto
Cabri figures: 1 and 2 by Henri Picciotto
Cabri figure by Ari Klein
Part 2: ax+by=c
Standard Form for linear functions
Part 3: Geometric Connection / Optimization
Constant Perimeter
Advanced Penmanship
Edited version of the above two lessons
Constant Area
Part 4: Quadratic Connections
Find the Dimensions
"A New Path to the Quadratic Formula", by Henri Picciotto:
Worksheet | Article | GeoGebra | Slides: Online / Keynote