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Henri Picciotto

This page includes answers to many big-picture questions about the Lab Gear, a manipulative environment for the learning of algebra. Just click the triangles to see the answers.
Algebra manipulatives? why?
Blocks vs. tiles: which is better? Tiles are cheaper, but in every other respect blocks are preferable. The Lab Gear model uses blocks for the following reasons:
What are some special features of the Lab Gear?
What curricular materials support the Lab Gear? There are two Algebra Lab Gear books: Basic Algebra and Algebra 1. They can be used in conjunction with any algebra or pre-algebra curriculum. They stand out because of these features:
What are priority topics with the Lab Gear? At all grade levels:
Is the Lab Gear useful in middle school? Yes! In addition to the topics mentioned above:
Does the Lab Gear support more advanced topics? Yes! You can use the Lab Gear for crucial work on quadratics:
Is there an overall list of Lab Gear topics? You probably won't have time for all of them, but here you go: The books include Common Core correlations.
Won't it take too much time to add this to my course? It is time well-spent, as the resulting understanding means you can cut back on the amount of practice and review.
Do you have tips for Lab Gear users? The Lab Gear books start with tips on classroom organization, lab etiquette, sequencing, and so on. Detailed lesson plans for each topic are followed by activities you can duplicate for your class.