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GeoGebra Applets: How To

Henri Picciotto

This is how I create GeoGebra applets to embed on this website. I use a Mac, but I assume these instructions would not be hard to adapt for Windows.

  1. On your computer, use GeoGebra to create a GGB file.
  2. Press shift-command-M. The needed code is now on the clipboard.
  3. Paste into an empty text document.
  4. Look for "true" and "false" parameters, and decide if you want to change any of them.
  5. Save the document as an html document, making a note of the width and height that are mentioned in the code.
  6. In the html document where you want to embed the applet, use the following code:
<iframe src="" width="" height="" frameborder="0">

src is the path to the document you created

width and height should be slightly greater than the dimensions you noted in #5, maybe 10 to 20 pixels extra.

That's all!