Guest Contributors

to Henri Picciotto's Math Education Page and Blog


I worked with these educators to create some of the materials on my site and blog.

Amanda Cangelosi
Comparing Cell Phone Plans
Jonathan Choate
Iterating Linear Functions
Rachel Chou
Sine Curve
Tri, Tri Again
Window Shades
Lew Douglas
Symmetric Polygons
Transformational Proof in High School Geometry
Triangle Congruence and Similarity (v2)
Shira Helft
Story Tables in Middle School
Jonathan Howland
Depth vs. Breadth
Teacher Collaboration
Anita Wah
Algebra: Themes, Tools, Concepts
(plus many excerpts throughout the site)
A New Algebra


These educators contributed materials to my site and blog.

Liz Caffrey
Lab Gear, the Great Connector
Rachel Chou
On the Desire to Push Kids Ahead
Paper Folding: Conics
Shrinky Dink Fun
Teaching the Distributive Property
Triangles and Iteration
Sarah Clowes
Grades: What Does the Research Say?
Jen Coté
Algebra: TTC Through a Deweyian Lens
Betta and Tom Fisher-York
Handy Math
John Golden
Escherized Tessellations in GeoGebra
Michael Goldenberg
The Dark Side of Learning Styles
Meghan Lee
Polyarcs in the Classroom
Adrian Mims
The Calculus Project
Katherine Paur
Cutting Out Hearts
Robin Pemantle
More Calculus, Less Understanding?
Kim Seashore
The Radian Dance