Curricular materials for students who have completed Algebra 2

Henri Picciotto

Most "precalculus" classes include a wide range of topics, only some of which are actually preparation for calculus. That is as it should be. Yes, being ready for calculus is important: it helps keep education and career options open. But a well-rounded math education can and should include other subjects. On this page, I link to materials that belong in high school math courses beyond Algebra 2.


If your students' grasp of Algebra 2 topics is tenuous, you may need to find interesting ways to review those ideas. Check out the materials on Seeking Depth in Algebra 2. In particular:
Quadratics: Geometry-Graphing Connection | Completing the Square
Sequences and Series
Exponentials | Logarithms | Sine
`n^(th)` Power Variation (Teachers' Guide) | Inverse Variation | Square Root
See also: Rate of Change | Recognizing Functions | Constant Sums, Constant Products

Going Deeper

Deeper and further:
Quadratics: Three Paths to the Quadratic Formula | a graphical path | another graphical path
Geometry of the Parabola: 2D | 3D | Similarity
Complex Numbers
Rate of Change: Doctor Dimension

And More!

Expand your students' mathematical horizons!
The Conic Sections
Function Diagrams
Iterating Functions
Transformational Geometry
Symmetry, Transformations, Dimensions: Space
Infinite Sets, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Induction, Fractals: Infinity